Individuals who create, build, craft, make music, tinker and fix things are invited to give their opinion about the possibility of opening a maker space in the Tionesta area by completing a short survey.

Development of a maker space was proposed as a way to expand upon the growth of the creative
community and creative economy already underway in Tionesta.

While there are many variations on the maker space concept, they are all basically a shared workspace
and shared equipment for people who lack adequate space or equipment to produce or develop new
products/work. This may include artists, product artisans (food, soaps, candles, etc.), musicians and
vocalists, technology developers, and many others.

The survey will help the consultants to determine the level of interest in such a facility, the needs of those interested in using it, opportunities for programming, its appeal as a tourist attraction, options for location, potential economic impact, and more details.

The survey is part of a feasibility study led by the Forest County Business Alliance, and consultants Erin Wanninger and Marcy Hall of Oil City, PA, to learn about the community’s needs and whether a
makerspace would be beneficial.

The survey is available online at

A printable version of the survey will be available on this page in a few days.  Paper surveys will be available throughout the summer at community events in the region, at the Forest County Visitor Center, and other locations in the area.  Paper surveys can be submitted at the Forest County Visitor Center or mailed to: FCBA, PO Box 306, Tionesta, PA 16353.