The FCBA board is very pleased to announce that Mr. Brady Millin has been named our Executive Director. Mr Millin brings a great deal of enthusiasm and energy to the position. Now that the Alliance has our first, much needed, Director, we will be able to move forward quicker and more efficiently in the future.
The Forest County Business Alliance is also working with the County Community & Economic Development office, Northwest Regional Planning Commission, and Clarion SBDC to assist existing and developing businesses, seeking to grow the number and health of businesses in Forest County. We are working with these entities and utilizing input from them, the local businesses, and results from the many studies conducted over the past 20+ years. FCBA has created the “EMPOWERS” project which is a multi year Rural Business Opportunity Activities project and is based on these common needs and recommendations and consists of:

– EDUCATION of the businesses and their employees

– MOTIVATION of the businesses and community in general

– PROMOTION of the county as a destination and a place to live work and play

РOUTREACH  to the residents & recruit businesses from outside the county

– WORKFORCE development including recruitment and training

– EXPANSION of our efforts and abilities to help our businesses expand

– RETENTION of existing businesses and jobs

– SUPPORT of businesses and entrepreneurs as they establish, operate and grow


Year One of the project consists of MOTIVATION, EDUCATION, and SUPPORT – and utilizes local, regional, and national resources to accomplish the goals. FCBA will be announcing events in the near future.