In the wake of weeks of mandated business shutdown and stay-at-home orders, Forest County businesses are suffering – as they are across the country and around the world.

After a quiet winter, our businesses that depend seasonal tourism are hit hard.  As are those who manufacture, harvest/extract natural resources, provide “non-essential” services, and even agencies who must find a way to shift their staff to working from home.   Each business has unique challenges, losses and needs that must be addressed if they are to make it through this economic disaster.

Lost sales may or may not be possible to recover later.  The costs of mandated payments to employees, spoiled product, setting up a virtual workforce, and many other unexpected expenses are overwhelming for many businesses.  Government aid is slowly trickling out, but this is also a stress for business owners who are trying to navigate the documentation and application processes that are required – as well as find a way to cover costs while waiting for the money to arrive.

The FCBA and County Commissioners understand – most of them are business owners too.  They have teamed up with the Northwest Regional Planning Commission to create a Business Impact Task Force.  Their first step toward assisting local businesses is to understand exactly what your needs are.  A “COVID-19 Business Impact & Needs Survey” has been developed is now available for businesses to weigh-in on the issue.  Businesses are asked to submit the survey by Wednesday, April 29th, so the Task Force can assess the needs and develop services to meet them.

Visit for more information and options for accessing and submitting the survey.

For links to resources that may benefit your business, visit the COVID-19 page.