FCBA Assessing Maker Space Feasibility


The Forest County Business Alliance is engaging a consultant to study the feasibility of creating a maker space facility in Forest County.  An RFP was issued and awarding of the [...]

FCBA Assessing Maker Space Feasibility2022-03-23T17:36:57-04:00

Shop Local – Let’s ALL Live it!


There are two sides to the “shop local” discussion: the business side and the customer side. In a thriving community, the two align. We all want our communities to grow. [...]

Shop Local – Let’s ALL Live it!2018-10-22T09:02:20-04:00

School-Business Partnerships


Forest Area Schools are busy incorporating the new state mandates centered around workforce readiness and career planning for students.  To accomplish this effectively and provide students with realistic expectations, schools [...]

School-Business Partnerships2018-04-07T12:41:38-04:00