Mission Statement
Forest Area School District creates a foundation for life-long learners prepared to excel in a diverse world.  PREPARE TO EXCEL!

Vision Statement
Through collaboration with the community, the Forest Area School District envisions a future for our students that:

  • Embraces a diverse, rigorous and dynamic curriculum which empowers students to undertake learning risks and utilizes technological advancements;
  • Develops effective thinkers, problem solvers and communicators prepared for global success who are able to adapt to life’s challenges as they come;
  • Recognizes the unique nature and individual abilities of each child and fosters a learning culture that boosts confidence within each child; and
  • Empowers students in becoming environmentally aware and civically responsible members of society.
  • The District will devote itself to bringing this vision to life.

Shared Values
The District recognizes that:

  • All students have the potential to be contributing citizens through their achievements and will instill positive behaviors which encourage respect for self and others.
  • All actions will instill a collaborative attitude among students, faculty, and staff focused on engaging family and the community in reaching the highest levels of success for students.
  • Our schools will be a safe, welcoming and productive environment.
  • In order to maximize learning potential, individual and diverse learning approaches will be utilized.
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