The FCBA chairman appoints all standing and ad hoc committees from the Board of Directors and the general membership. These committees make recommendations to the Board regarding events, policy, nominations, and programs being developed for the FCBA, as well as research of specific topics so the Board may make informed decisions.

Standing Committees include:

  • Executive Committee: (current slate of officers)
  • Fundraising: Suzanne Leonberg, Dave Yeany, Cheyna Griggs
  • Membership: Brian Shickler, Suzanne Leonberg
  • Website: Julia McCray, Amanda Hetrick
  • Marketing & Social Media: Cheyna Griggs, Suzanne Leonberg, Julia McCray
  • Buy Local: Brian Shickler, Julia McCray
  • Grants: Julia McCray, Amanda Hetrick

Committees are also appointed for individual fundraising efforts/projects. Members are encouraged to contact the Executive Director if they have an interest in serving on a committee and lending the FCBA their skills or experience. If you have an idea for an event or project that would benefit the FCBA and its membership, please contact our Executive Director or attend one of the monthly Board meetings.

Executive Director:
Robin Sharrow