About Us

The FCBA is Forest County’s county-wide business organization. The organization was created to bring our businesses together to work collectively toward their common goals of stronger, healthier businesses and a stronger local economy.

The organization develops programs that promote its members, encourages local support of local businesses, builds stronger and healthier businesses, encourages cooperation among our businesses and creates a healthier relationship between Forest County businesses and local and county government. We conduct highly visible educational campaigns for members businesses on a variety of pertinent business topics and for the public in general on the importance of supporting local businesses. The Alliance represents the business community in local and county legislative and political affairs that address issues surrounding expansion and growth of the business community.

The FCBA is the catalyst for change in our business community. Change in local attitude toward and support for our businesses; change in the relationships among our businesses; change in the relationship between our businesses and our local government. For Forest County to thrive and gain strength in today’s competitive world, there must be an integration of business throughout the region. Forest County residents desire not only for current businesses to thrive, but also for new businesses to develop. In order for the businesses to reach their greatest potential – and therefore to benefit the citizens throughout employment and economic prosperity – it is necessary to have organizations such as the Forest County Business Alliance in place. Business owners find membership in the Alliance very useful in growing and developing their businesses.